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How the Xsortal helps your business


Fully exploiting internal data assets that are unique to your company
Receiving customised grant alerts tailored to your specific business needs


Creating Dashboards so you can easily get the answers you are looking for
Creating an online Matcher so users can easily align with your products and services


Saving on time, costs and resources with instant access to real time insights
Generating new leads and creating client and prospect opportunities

Transforming your business data

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Meet the Data Transformation Team

Mike Fraser

Mike has always worked with data from his early university years, through running his own business and then setting up a business consultancy with his wife. Mike always starts with the business problem first and then works backwards into leveraging the data. So the key question at the outset is always this: "What problem do you want solve?" and then, "Let's look at the data to find out how its going to help you solve it."

Dr. Agatha Wong-Fraser

Agatha met Mike at university so they've always shared a passion for using data to solve business problems. Agatha has built an exceptional business knowledge over the years, consulting with nearly 200 companies in the UK and China. "What keeps you awake at night?" is a favourite starting question and then, "Let's look for the data to help you get a better night's sleep."


Wai-Kit is part of the original Xsortal team, and over the past 13 years has been managing and contributing to all stages of the data transformation platform development and implementation process. She plays the vital role as the ‘glue’ that brings together allelements of our projects to ensure they are delivered successfully.

Mark Leavy

Mark has been designing and implementing database applications for over 20 years. He has worked on a wide range of applications from handheld computers, banking applications through to data matchers for Xsortal. He works closely with the team to design and build custom databases and matchers that enable businesses to extract the right business intelligence from their data.

Kwong Lee

Kwong has over 13 years’ experience in designing data platforms and together with the team he analyses and extracts relevant business intelligence from internal and external data sets that help businesses make better data-driven decisions. He also oversees the content team who source, select, and profile business data for the Xsortal Matcher Platforms.

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