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 Content Quality

There are four steps to ensuring the quality of external web content for you on the Xsortal.

Step One Content Choice

There is no point having the best content if that content doesn't make any difference to business users.

So the Xsortal editor's spend a great deal of time - before they even think about content results - working out the content structure and type of solutions that will really make a difference to a business user.

Step Two Content Sourcing

Each type of content that you use on the site (e.g. Doing Business in China) goes through a twenty step sourcing procedure that is controlled by human editors. In other words, it doesn't rely on a single search term to produce a result; nor does it rely only on online sources.

What this means is that content results are uniquely and comprehensively cross-referenced to produce the best pool of potential sites for the editors to select for you using transparent, objective criteria.

Step Three Content Selection

At the top level, the content editors use 5 main criteria to sort any website; in shorthand this is known as QQRFU* and each type of content has its own unique QQRFU signature with up to 50 different criteria being used to ensure the quality and relevance of the content solutions.

Q = Quantity of the Content Available
Q = Quality of the Content
R = Relevancy of the Content
F = Content Functionality
U = Content Usability

Step Four Content Control

Even if someone could initially produce a set of useful productivity solutions for you, it would be pointless unless it was managed and kept up to date.

The two content tools we use to do this are a daily Keeping-up-to-date Tool and a three monthly Strategic Review Tool.

  • Some types of content don't change very often and so are more responsive to a Strategic Review every three months rather than a daily sifting; conversely, other types of content need daily monitoring (as well as a three monthly review).

  • The Xsortal editor's use both these types of tool, but what really makes the whole content management process work is that they use a Back End content management system that was specially created to support their work.

  • So the real engine of Xsortal content management is its Back End Sorting Process, specifically designed to index and organize external websites using a completely new site taxonomy.
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