UK Business Dashboard
This Dashboard Package consists of 6 Key Business Intelligence Topics for UK Businesses covering UK Business Updates Monitor, SME Grants & Funding, Regional Ranking, Business Confidence Tracker, SME Market Research and UK Opportunities Finder. The Dashboard provides you with comprehensive coverage for each Topic in one place and multiple uses to match your specific business needs.
Dashboard Topics
UK Business Updates Monitor
SME Grants & Funding Finder
SME Market Research
Regional Ranking Tracker
Business Confidence Tracker
UK Opportunities Finder
UK Business Updates Monitor: Content Coverage
The Xsortal monitors hundreds of proprietary and quality UK SME Business news sources and alerts each day, providing you with comprehensive coverage in one place across six main UK SME Business update categories.
Employment Law
Company Law
Tax Regulations
Health and Safety
EU Regulations
SME Watch
UK Business Updates Monitor: Content Matching
The Xsortal is designed to match the UK Business updates content you want to see and deliver it the way you want to use it. Below are five user options for you to leverage in your business.
Daily Update Monitor
See all the latest SME Business updates in one place to save time, costs and resources.
Daily Critical Notifications
Select the type of SME Business updates critical to your business for daily notification.
Monthly Productivity Report
Discover the new SME Business opportunities, risks and regulations for your business.
Monthly Update Summary
Get a quick summary of all the SME Business updates with specially selected features.
Customising Updates & Reports
Customise the SME Business updates and produce tailored reports.
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